Sometime we get Haggie's in our lives that get in the way of God's promise and we stop and think God needs our help.  It could be your job, family, friends or even church members.  But you remember what God promised you.  Build your faith and believe the Word of God--You Are a SON!!!  God knows just where you are and what you are going through.  It's your womb not a tomb so PUSH (pray until something happen).  It's not unto death but you will live. So get up and speak life to yourself.  By the way, it's not about you anyway.  So why are you stressing!!


     God have you in His Kingdom not yours.  The valley you are in it is to build your faith on the promises of God written in His Word..  Stop thinking that God need your help.  What He need is someone with wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  Speak, think and do but most of all OBEY.  That's to be a willing and an open vessel.  Getting into the Word-- be it unto me according to thy Word.  Be righteous and willing to accept His way.
                                  Written by Deacon Theresa
Elder Mary
To My Child Things I Can and Can't do
I can share your life,
     but can't live for you
I can teach you things,
     but can't make you learn
I can give directions,
     but can't always lead you
I can allow you freedom,
      but can't account for it
I can take you to worship,
       but can't make you believe
I can teach you right from wrong,
       but can't decide for you
I can give you love,
       but can't force it on you
I can teach you to share,
       but can't make you unselfish
I can teach you to respect,
       but can't force honor from you
I can tell you the facts of life,
       but can't build your reputation
I can tell you about loafty goals,
       but can't achieve them for you
I can teach you to obey,
       but can't answer for your actions
I can warn you about sin,
       but can't make you moral
I can love you as my child,
       but can't place you in God's family
I can teach you abount Jesus,
       but can't make Him your Savior
I can teach you about prayer,
        but can't make you pray
I can tell you how to live,
        but can't give you eternal life